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Dear Parents,

Recently the results report for the parent satisfaction survey administered in March was given to principals and all school board members. We want to thank those of you who took the time to complete the survey. The results of the survey provide the administration and staff of the Clinton School District with information that will help us improve our service to parents and to students. In May during planning sessions with all staff, principals will roll out the data from the results report.  Over the summer, schools will develop action plans for improvement based on the results from the survey and share the plans with you.

We want to provide some key points in our results report:

  • 645 parent/caregivers completed the survey in the Clinton School District
  • The district mean was 3.90 on a 5 point scale

You shared the things that are working well in our schools: 

  • This school is clean and well maintained (4.30)
  • My child’s learning is a high priority at this school (4.25)
  • My child has the necessary classroom supplies and equipment for effective learning (4.19)

Our district will focus on the following area for improvement:

  • I receive positive phone calls, notes, or emails about my child from the school (3.32).

Thank you again for making a difference in the Clinton School District.

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